Getting Settled

My first two weeks here went by pretty fast. Between getting settled and planning baby Leone’s baptism Peter Pan Party, I spent most of my time at the house.  Oh, also it was a miserable 85 degrees every day, which doesn’t seem really hot but coming from cold London plus not having AC to cool down makes anything over 78 feel REALLY hot.

I did get down to the town of Como one afternoon, took a stroll by the water and enjoyed a yummy gelato.

Peach & Strawberry gelato

I love old Italian buildings

The Duomo in Como

We also went down to Como for dinner one evening. I got to try some new foods, including octopus, which is very popular here but I had never tried.

The family, consisting of father, Dario, mother, Paula, and children, Allegra (4) and Leone (4 months), are neighbors with Dario’s parents, his brother, Ivan, and his family. Sounds like something right out of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, but unlike the Barones, everyone here is respectful of personal space.

The first Sunday I was here (July 4th) Ivan and his wife, Sandra, had a BBQ the for her father’s birthday.  We enjoyed some delicious home cooked food, wine, and meat brought from an area near Tuscany.

Bruschetta! yummy!!

L to R: Ivan's brother-in-law, Dario, and Ivan

Best Bellini ever!

Home made desserts and berries from the orchard

I’ve definitely been doing a lot of cooking here, including an apricot torta (the apricot jam can be replaced with your personal favorite), lasagna, and risotto!

We even had a Mexican food night with guacamole, beef tacos, and chicken and steak fajitas. Surprisingly enough, we were able to find all the ingredients in the supermarket.

I’ve also taken a few trips to surrounding cities: Bellagio, Milan, Brunate, Bergamo, Lugano, and Verona. You can read about Verona by clicking on the link, and I will be doing a separate post for my trip to Bellagio, but I’ll take the next couple posts to showcase the other towns, starting with Milan.

Next up, the Peter Pan party & Bergamo!




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One response to “Getting Settled

  1. Hi Sheila,
    I discovered your blog through Expat-blogs because I like to read about people discovering new places and especially Italy.
    Your blog reminds me so much of my time in Italy. Bellagio, Milan, Bergamo, Verona – wonderful places to visit.
    I’m looking forward to you your next posts!
    Greetings from Berlin,

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