Just A Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Now, think of the happiest things – Peter Pan

For little baby Leone’s baptism, Dario and Paola decided to have a big summer/baptism party. The theme: Peter Pan!

Captain Hook's Pirate Ship

The party the second Sunday after I arrived and everyone spent a good amount of time preparing. The entire property was transformed! Masks, costumes, fairy wings, and sets were all created and just about everyone who attended played a role.

The "set" for the party

Water balloons for the big attack

Once the kids arrived, they were shown a music video with a montage of clips from the movie set to the song “L’isola che non c’e’” from the Italian version of Peter Pan the Musical. Then, all the kids (and several adults) were assigned roles from Capitan Hook and the pirates, to the Indians and the Lost Children. They all got dressed in their costumes, masks, and face paint and then they were off on their adventure!

The kids starting on their adventure!

My favorite thing that was built for the party was Capitan Hook’s pirate ship! It was amazing! The pirates were armed with hoses, water guns, and water balloons so that by the end of the “attack” everyone was drenched!

The Pirates preparing for attack


Then the Indians captured some of the adults, and the kids had to pick raspberries to help free them.

Picking raspberries

The ransom paid to free the adults

From here, they headed back up to the ship where attack number two took place, and soon everyone had jumped into the pool!

The whole thing took maybe 1.5 hours and all the kids (and adults) had a blast!


Of course, there was a ton of food, and Dario even made sangria from scratch and it was wonderful! Perfect for the summer heat. Here are a couple of the appetizers we munched on.


mozzarella, eggplant, and tomatoes

Unfortunately, around this time it started to rain so we had to move the party inside, but the fun continued as we ate hot dogs and cut into two beautiful cakes that Paula’s aunt Silvana made (see photos below). Little Leone slept through most of the day, but I have a feeling there will be more parties similar to this one in his future.

Lion cake for Leone

Barbie cake for Allegra

As promised, I’m going to showcase a different Italian city during the next few posts. Last time I wrote about Milan. Now, check out my post on Bergamo.




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  1. Sam

    they had to pick raspberries for ransom! thats hilarious.

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