Life Unexpected

Things have been busy and quite interesting the past couple weeks.

I made it to America with little trouble (definitely got checked by customs when I got to Dallas).

The Hozhabri family survived another wedding. It was great to see everyone and catch up after so long.

Just like my younger siblings 🙂

From there I headed to Nashville.

I had a wonderful birthday with close friends and it definitely felt good to be back in this town that I love so much.

At Greenhouse for my birthday

I also posted a 27 Things list that day. This is a list of 27 things that I’d like to complete before I turn 27. I’ll be blogging all about it as I complete each one.

And then my trip took a turn for the unexpected…

I had an eye doctor appointment that thursday and it turns out that I had a couple little tears which caused fluid to get in between my retina and the wall of my eye. This caused me to loose most of the peripheral vision on the right side of my left eye.

All this to say that I spent Thursday afternoon at the Vanderbilt ER as the retina specialist tried to decide whether or not they were going to do surgery that evening or the following morning. At 10:30pm they decided to go with the later and sent me home, reminding me that I wasn’t to eat or drink anything after midnight.

Eyes dilated waiting for surgery.

Friday morning, good friends in tow, I arrived at Vanderbilt for my surgery. Everything went well and I have been recovering since. Plans to go to Memphis with my girlfriends got canceled unfortunately, but I was given the all clear to fly home to San Diego on Monday.

Post Op: The Cyclops

Needless to say I’ve been like a cyclops this past week: only able to see out of one eye, which gets tired easily. That of course means that blogging – along with catching up on reading and movies – has been on the back burner.

Anyway, sometimes life throws you an unexpected curve ball.

On the plus side – I got my UK visa. YAY!

I’ll get back to blogging when I can. Thanks for your patients.




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