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Good times spent moving…and i’ll be doing a lot of it between now and November.

Found myself in the city near Piccadilly

Who has been the worst blog updater ever? That would be Me!

I feel that emergency eye surgery is a good enough excuse though. Well, that and dealing with moving BACK to London.


My eye is doing better. I’m stuck wearing glasses, which isn’t too bad except for when it rains (which it does just about every day). I’m really hoping that by November I can get back to contacts. On sunny days, I am still rocking the big sunglasses since they are so big, I can wear them over my glasses. They are pretty amazing and I’ll probably keep them for those sunny days when I’m too lazy, tired, or hung over to wear my contacts. People who wear contacts know the days I am talking about.


I have officially moved back to London and started classes. I’m living in a two bedroom flat in a student housing building very close to central London. I definitely like it here and I’m close to 3 tube stations that can take me pretty much anywhere in London. For places that are close, I can take the bus or even walk if I have my umbrella with me.


It’s definitely taking some time to adjust back to “school life”, especially since for the past 12 months I’ve been living the “do nothing life”. We had induction for 2 days last week and that definitely helped. There are about 30 people in our class who come from all over the world with totally different backgrounds. It has been fun getting to know everyone, where they come from, and why they’re doing this short but intense program.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little intimidated at the beginning. Again, after doing things on my own time table this past year, I know it is going to be an adjustment getting back into school mode. I just have to remind myself I’m 5 years older than the last time I was in school (I can’t believe it has been that long!) and I can definitely do this if I just manage my time and focus.

Oh, and we started a blog for our program where we’ll be talking music biz. You can check it out here.

Etc, Etc.

I started reading “Dirty, Sexy, Politics” by Meghan McCain a couple of days ago and I totally recommend it. Whether or not you’re into politics, whether you are republican or democrat, it doesn’t matter! It is a fun read. Also, for my friends in Nashville, there’s an entire chapter devoted to her night out in our amazing city after the Presidential debate at Belmont.

Finally, if you haven’t already, you should check out The XX. Amazon is selling the digital CD for $6.99 (iTunes has it for $9.99), and I’m not even sure if the physical album is available in the US yet.

Sorry for the boring photo-less post, but I promise to put up  a more exciting post soon.




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I Woke Up Today in London

I know it has been a couple weeks since my last post, but things have been running a little non-stop lately.

To Recap

The cruise was great! We hit a little bad weather which meant rough seas, but other than that we had a great time. I only got to spend a day in Barcelona, but my parents and i did those cheesy hop on/hop off bus tours so i got to see the whole city. Malta was…small. Not much to do there really and i wish we would have opted for one of the cruises shore excursions here. Naples/Capri was a bust. We all got a bit sick on the way to Capri, and with it being the end of the tourist season, everything was closed. We did have an excellent lunch there (once our stomachs settled). Rome may have been my favorite stop. We took an “Angels & Demons” tour that stopped by all 4 churches that they go to in the movie/book. It was a great way to see most of the city, and it was a really nice day! Pisa/Lucca was good, but we got a late start to the day so we only got to spend a couple hours in Lucca. It was still worth it though. Oh, and we saw that leaning tower of Pisa. And now i can cross that off my list of things to see before i die. Cannes was BEAUTIFUL, and i would love to go back in the summer and spend a few days between Nice, Monte Carlo, and Cannes. The south of France really is incredible.

After the cruise, we arrived in London. For 5 days my parents and i ran around this city like crazy trying to find me a place to live. I never want to go through that again. But, in the end, i did find a place to live, and they left for San Diego knowing their daughter was living in a safe home/neighborhood.

The House

The house i am living in has 7 bedrooms in it. 2 of the bedrooms have their own bathroom, and the rest are just bedrooms and they share bathrooms. i share mine with 2 other girls (The Russian and The Italian, more on that in a moment). There is a decent sized kitchen (and by that i mean 2 people can easily cook in there), and a great family room with couches, a TV, and a dining table. The rent is cheaper than a lot of the other places we found, and my room is actually pretty big, i don’t pay any utilities, we have free cable and internet, and one of the girls cleans all the bathrooms and common areas once a week.

The Housemates

The people living here either work, study, or both. Everyone keeps pretty different schedules so they keep to themselves. Like i said, i share my bathroom with the Russian and the Italian. The three of us live on the 2nd floor, as does the Couple (who happen to be from Iran). On the first floor we have the Asian, the Male Iranian, and the Peruvian. Oh, and there’s supposedly a guy who lives up on the 3rd floor, but i have yet to meet him so i’m not sure he actually exists. At this point, i have met everyone else.

Etc. Etc.

So, i’ve been working a little bit (part time, not music related at all) to help off set my cost of living, but i’ve also had some free time. I haven’t actually seen Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, or any other major London attractions since i got here, so it doesn’t feel real yet. But i ride the red double decker bus almost daily, and i’m on the tube about a dozen times a week so i know i’m here.

My cousin, Ladan, and i have been hanging out a bit which has been so nice. Also, my friend Julie from high school is doing a study abroad here this semester, so we’ve been hanging out. As it turns out, one of our other friends from high school, whom we had both lost touch with, is also here going to grad school! Small world. We all went out and got Mexican food friday night and caught up. It was a great evening.

Now What?

So yeah, i’m in London! yay! Now i’m just dealing with the work situation (finding a job, working out the work visa thing, etc). I decided i want to continue taking Italian and Wine lessons so i’m working on finding classes and getting enrolled. Maybe i can swing a student visa for a while. Who knows.

Anyway, i’m here, and i’m alive. And i promise i will post photos very soon!



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My Sad Day

Today I left Nashville

4 Days until I fly to Florence

Today was my sad day. A sad day is kinda like a sick day. I took the day to be sad. Sad that I was leaving Nashville. Sad that I was leaving all my friends. Sad that I was leaving this life that I had grown so comfortable with after 7 years.

I am very aware of how exciting this new journey is going to be, but ignoring the sad factor isn’t healthy either. So I took a sad day. I cried. Not once. Not twice. But over and over again. I felt like Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. Just when I thought I had pulled myself together, a new wave of sadness would hit me. Saying goodbye to dear friends didn’t help the situation either. So, tomorrow will be a happy day. And the day after that will be one as well. There will probably be a couple more sad days in the future (I’ll definitely be taking a sad day on Halloween), but that’s only natural.

I am currently sitting in the Phoenix airport on my way to San Diego. The next 3 days will be spent re-packing my suitcases for Italy, and i have no idea how i’m going to fit everything!  You should see me right now. i’m literally carrying 4 items on the plane with me. And then there’s the 3 pieces of luggage i checked. I will also be packing a london suitcase that my parents will bring with them to Europe in November. I have no idea what i’m wearing tomorrow, let alone what i’ll be wanting to wear in London in november. But this is the only way to get all my stuff there. It will be nice to spend time with the family before i leave.

Well, they’re calling our flight. gotta go!




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