Eating Out

“What is it you REALLY like to do?” – Paul Child

“EAT!” – Julia Child

– Julie & Julia

The Fine Art of Eating Out

While I truly enjoy the art of cooking and experimenting with new foods, I love the art of eating out even more! A great meal, dish, or bottle of wine sticks with you. You can still remember how incredible it was when you think about it years later. For me, half the thrill of eating out is choosing and ordering the meal. So many options, which to choose? I am by no means an expert orderer, but on a few occasions I have struck the jackpot.

So, I decided to add a mini restaurant directory to the blog. These are restaurants I have personally dined at in the US and Europe. Some I found by chance, others were recommended by friends, the hotel concierge, or travel guides. Either way, check them out, and if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and try it for yourself.

France – coming soon


United Kingdom



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